Monday, March 1, 2010

Let The Fun Begin!

We returned from Costa Rica. Some of us are a few shades darker than when we left, some are about 30 shades darker. I officially won for most responsible sunscreen applicant. Brett officially wins for having the skin I hope proves to be dominant in our children's genes.

We were extremely eager to get to the house to see the progress upon our return. It's feeling more and more like an actual house! While we were gone Chip was working like a madman hanging sheetrock, Chuck was wiring up a storm, Kendal put his plumbing magic to the test, and Mark filled in the gaps wherever he was needed. Oh...did I mention Busha the ultimate Gopher, Go-getter? She was really aiding in the run of a very tight ship. Thanks Ferline Construction! LoLo was a Queen, too, in her lunchtime provisions, as well as her mad insulating skills! I feel like we had the Dream Team. We now have a fully insulated, fully wired, fully plumbed, fully sheetrocked home.
Brett and I showed up just in time to do some of the last minute things before turning everything over to the drywall guys. We spent the weekend clearing everything out of the house and cleaning up so that we could proceed w/ taping and texturing (which began today). Woo-hoo!

The hard stuff is done, and we now forge ahead to the FUN stuff!!! I suspect that we'll really start SEEING some progress. This week the walls will get textured, next week the hardwoods will get patched and refinished, and the following week we should be getting cabinets installed.
We are well on our way to a place we will soon call home.

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