Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hardwoods, how I love thee...

I got a sneak peak of the floors on Friday morning with their fresh finish, and was wowed. They turned out simply beautiful. Such life has been added to our house. The rich colors of the wood are fantastic. Feast your eyes on these, though you may just have to come and visit in person and see with your own two eyes to appreciate properly.

Today proved to be a busy day. Our on-demand hot water heater was installed. It turned out to be a bit more involved than anticipated (story of this house), but it's done. We now have a sa-weet hot water heater ready to rock!

I realized pretty early on that my involvement with the installation of the hot water heater was not going to be remotely helpful. I decided I'd be of better use beginning to tackle our crazed backyard. WOW. We have our work seriously cut out for us. Chip bought a chipper (I hope you appreciate this sentence as much as I do) this weekend, and we put it to good use today. I felt like such a b.a. chipping up that brush, and discovered pretty quickly that it's harder to feed wood into a machine than I thought. I am currently typing from the lay-down position because I feel whipped after a long day of chipping and wrestling branches.

When Brett was done helping with the hot water heater and electrical work he took over my chipping job, and then became my branch moving companion. We got quite a lot done, but realize that we have many more days to invest. We are fairly certain the yard hasn't been tended to in a very, very...very, very...very long time.


  1. The floors look great! I would definitely let Grant eat off them :)

  2. Andrea your house is looking amazing! This is my first time visiting your blog, so glad I found it. Your floors look so beautiful! I love your paint color choices for the house and your kitchen is really cute - love the glass doors and the red side cabinet! Can't wait to see more. :)