Monday, March 29, 2010

Painting in Progress

We are saving ourselves a considerable amount of money by painting the cabinets ourselves. I keep reminding myself. It seems only fitting that I would begin this particular post with that statement of fact, because here we are, cabinet-painting-day number three, and I have been wrestling with the thought that it may have been worth it to pay somebody to do this. But, no! We must...push....through! We are saving ourselves a lot of money! We are able bodied. We can do it. Painting is easy! ...Oh, but someone else could be painting....NO! We are saving ourselves a lot of money. Do you see the struggle? Erg...

Anyway, here are the cabinets pre-paint. Oh, the good ol' days.

And here they are mid-paint. They look pretty good from afar. Believe me when I say, however, that there's much work to be done yet. Mistake number one was not priming before painting. I know, I know...Painting 101. Here again, we thought that perhaps the rule of thumb didn't apply to us. We were wrong! Dead wrong! These here cabinets have 3 coats of paint, and are in the process of being sanded...and will be requiring yet another coat. Oh, joy. I will say, amidst heavy complaints, that they are looking good. We are pleased with the product, and will be even more pleased upon completion.

**Note that it is I, Andrea Zundel, who is complaining the loudest. Brett, bless his heart, seems near incapable of complaining about something so base. Jerk. Fine, I'm alone in my complaints. Any use of "we" when associated with a complaint is actually just an "I" or a "me".

We will be getting our granite tomorrow!!! EEEEeeeEEeEeEEee!!!

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