Friday, March 26, 2010

Cabinet Installation, Part I

Our kitchen is beginning to look like a bonafide kitchen. Unreal. We are gettin' there! The cabinets arrived yesterday, and will be completely installed by the end of the day today. We have more work to do, of course, because they all need to be painted, BUT just having them in the space does wonders to our home. One very big plus that I forgot I'd requested is that the counter height is 3" taller than the average. Chopping veggies and doing dishes will no longer be a back straining task. Finally, a kitchen suited for us!!

This is the hutch we had built in, which we are loving. It is in our dining room (Marshall's Room), next to the hall that leads to our guest room. The right side is for miscellaneous kitcheny things and the left side is our pantry. R-A-D.
Here's the guest bath with the wainscoting and trim. It's looking good. Chip did a really great job putting this up. I spent yesterday evening caulking the baseboard and top trim pieces, and realized a few things by the end of the project: 1) I love the look of beadboard wainscoting, 2) I'm really glad we don't have it throughout our whole house, due to the caulking work necessary, 3) I don't like caulking. Maybe there's some technique I'm missing? If you have any advice, I'm ALL ears!! I better suck it up, because I have a sneaking suspicion that much, much, much more caulking is in my future. Oh, dear...
Chip's current project, among many, is tiling our bathroom floor. It's looking really good! Stay tuned for more.
It's happening. It's becoming our home before our very eyes. Counters will be installed Monday; we're hoping to have a usable bathroom soon, hopefully by the end of the weekend; appliances will be installed by next week. It's getting close to the point where it's move-in-able. So close!!!

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