Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fallen Trees

3 guys, from J&J Tree Service (totally recommend), showed up on Friday morning, and went to town. Unfortunately along with their arrival was the unwelcome arrival of a pretty hellacious storm, in the form of a major downpour/snow/sleet. This did not stop them from charging hard. They had half our Siberian Elm down within a half an hour! I'm glad they were the ones climbing and not me or Brett, though the visual is pretty funny for me to imagine either one of us jimmying up a tree. Yeah, it would not have been pretty. J&J did a fine job.
Our backyard looks decimated! It looks as though it's been hit by some natural disaster, but we sure do get a lot more natural light! If you look hard you can see Brett amidst the brush! Where's Waldo?

So, as if we don't have enough things on our "to do" list, we've added "clean up massive tree craziness." This means we (Brett...definitely Brett)will have to bust out a chainsaw and start bucking up some wood! Yee-haw! We have someone coming by tomorrow to collect some wood, but we have a feeling it'll be a while before we see a clean yard. BUT it's a great start. The gardening possibilities will soon abound! Perhaps I should say that they will SOMEDAY abound?

After the guys charged the back yard, they decided to call it a day because the storm was so gnarly. They had had enough.

This morning two guys returned and finished up the front yard. They fell our sick maple, and ground the stump, as can be seen below:

We also had this super funky looking Spruce that would've been a great tree if it didn't have to get topped off for powerline purposes. We decided to fall this tree while we were at it.
Here's our new and improved house! What a difference the removal of a couple trees can make. Now we are much more motivated to remedy the pink house situation. I'm not gonna lie, pink is not working for us. Enjoy the house and all!

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