Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Shed

If you think we've just been sitting around on our haunches, think again.  No, no, we have been scheming.  We've mainly been doing our fair share of traveling and hosting family and friends because it's like having a baby is a big deal, or something.  But amidst travels and visits, we've done some scheming, which as of last week, has turned into building a shed.  We have a roof to fix, and a house to paint, not to mention a yard to landscape, but we felt like a shed was the first step so that we could get everything off our back patio, thus making way for the other projects.  Oh, yeah, and we are in hot pursuit of the Money Tree I've heard so much about for many years.  Where, oh, where is it???  Once we find it our house will be completely finished.

Here are a few pics of the shed that is in progress.

While Brett and Chip were hammering away, Scouty was inside doing what she does best: being absolutely adorable.