Thursday, March 18, 2010

Floors In Progress

Here are the floors that came with the house. Granted, we've added the drywall dust effect, but truly, the floors were not in good shape. Frankly, they seem a bit sad. They've been begging for a little attention...or a lot.
We have hired some guys to finish our floors for us. They started Monday morning, and have been going to town. They started by patching in wood in our kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. It looks great just having the floors cover the whole space. But yesterday they started sanding, and WOW, it's looking g-o-o-d. Here you can see old versus new:

I find it pretty amazing how simply sanding can add new life to old floors. We can't wait to see what the top coats do, which they'll begin applying today. They should be done by tomorrow. Eeeeee!!!!

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