Saturday, March 13, 2010

Color Me

I was extremely excited to get paint on the walls! I narrowed down the colors I liked and found a palette I was really excited about, only after several trips to the Home Depot paint aisle, and several hours invested. I almost bought all the paint without sampling, which I now realize would have been an enormous mistake. Instead, I bought mini sample jars and painted pieces of poster board and looked at them in the house, only to find out that the colors I thought I was going to love, I actually hated, and the color I thought would be my least favorite actually seemed to work the best. The lighting of our house significantly changed the paint colors. I realize this is like Painting 101, but I thought that perhaps this rule of thumb did not apply to us. Boy, was I wrong!

I began to have paint anxieties, and was dreading yet another trip to the endless paint options of Home Depot. I opted, instead, to go to the local paint store, Miller Paint. That was an extremely good decision. They were so helpful, and I was able to pick colors that were in the same family as the original paint colors I liked, but their palette was much easier on the eye, somehow. My anxieties calmed, and I felt really good about our color choices.

With renewed excitement I raced home rarin' and ready to paint. I decided that my first color should be the boldest, most noticeable color. Why, RED, of course!!! Dun-dun-DUNNNN!!!!!

Oh, my!!! What a difference a little color makes. Sigh.

Busha served as one of my incredible painting companions. She can roll it out like nobody's business. Roll OUT!

All this is to say that the painting process is WELL under way. So far under way, in fact, that about 90% of the house is DONE! It looks so wonderful. More pics to come. I'll leave you in suspense:)

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