Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Brett and I no longer have a 3 month old, or a 7 month old, or an 11 month old, for that matter.  We have a ONE year old!  A freaking ONE YEAR OLD.  How absurd!!  I didn't think I'd be one of those moms...you know, the ones who weep at each passing phase, in a completely melodramatic fashion.  Pssshhhh.  No way.  But, alas...I most definitely am one of those moms.  I'm totally owning it.  Okay, so I haven't wept, but let's just say my tear ducts work well.  Too well.
Brett Jr.

Scout Von Trapp

One year ago Scout and Hadley came into our world, on the exact.same.day.  I still find myself shaking my head in amazement at this wild and crazy fact.  What are the chances?!  This being the case, it seems only fitting to celebrate both girls, together.  So long as Kacey and I have a say, this will be the first of many joint parties! We celebrated on Saturday, the day before their actual birthday, at a park here in town.  It was special celebrating our girls together.  

I am reminded time and time again how wonderful it is living near family.  I especially love that Scout and Hadley are getting a sister-like experience straight away.  What a special relationship they are destined to have.

Alan, Kacey & Hadley
Grammy T & Scouty
Busha and her girls
Nana & Papa and their girls

As with any good first birthday party, the cake was definitely the highlight.  Hadley and Scout went about their cake consumption in entirely different ways, which is very appropriate for these two.   As the pictures show, Hadley was still in her sweet little outfit that her mama made her (her lederhosen awesomeness), whereas I stripped Scout down to her diaper, not wanting to soil the cute little dress that her Nana & Mama made.  As it turns out Mama knows best in both of these scenarios.  Hadley was very ginger with her cake approach.  She gently and slowly scooped icing into her mouth, leaving her cake completely intact.  To my knowledge she didn't get any cake on her cute outfit, or her highchair tray, for that matter. 

Scout, on the other hand, made quick work of that cake.  Once she tasted the forbidden fruit, it was game time.  She was up to her elbows in frosting lickity-split, and the whole side of her face managed to make full contact with the cake.  Her cake was pretty well smashed and smeared.

Once Scout was cut off from the cake, I worried that I had sugar-poisoned my daughter, as she had a temporary case of the crazies.  She was instantly slap-happy.  The good news is there was no stomach-pumping required, just a good rinse-down, which her daddy happily took care of. 

All in all, the first birthday party was a success!!

On Sunday, Scout and Hadley's actual birthday, Brett and I kicked off the celebration in the totally normal way: we watched Scout's birth video!!  Umm...yeah...it was not Brett's idea.  In fact, he was incredibly reluctant to participate in the viewing, but he succumbed.  I know, I know, we totally know how to have an epic time.  Let the record reflect that both Brett and I had a good cry.  What a way to start the day! In all honesty, it was so touching reliving the sweetness of the moment that Scout came into our world.

As our final celebratory event, we had dinner at Alan & Kacey's, with Nana & Papa.  We sang to the girls again, with a candle in a leftover cream puff.  Hadley thoroughly hammed it up, while Scout was a little bashful about the whole thing.   These two girls crack us up on a constant basis.  To say they bring us joy is an extreme understatement.

Finally, perhaps to no surprise after such ardent celebrating, our evening concluded with Scouty Doody and a case of Too Much Birthday.