Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arnold and Danny

Hadley and Scout are twin cousins, as they share the same birthday.  That's pretty much where the similarities stop.  Nana Lo snapped this pic of the girls the other night.  It's not a particularly cute pic, but it sure struck a funny bone.  Hadley makes a great mob boss, and for sure would be cast as Danny DeVito.  Scout just has the look of, "I'm with her."  While she doesn't necessarily seem to be an obvious Arnold Schwarzenegger role, that's who I liken her to anyway...especially because of the apparent height difference (thanks to her hair) between her and "Danny."

Something about this pic begged for a little photoshop action.  See if you can tell what manipulations were made.

Scouty Smiles

Scout is now going on 3 months old.  She's getting a lot more tricks up her sleeve.  Smiling is one she's had for several weeks now, but it is still oh-so-heart-melting.  She's very communicative with her sweet little coos, and has begun experimenting with her laugh.  I want to bottle up the sweetness of those sounds.