Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Grass Most Definitely IS Greener

I used to avoid looking outside our dining room window because...well...because, frankly, it gave me a headache.  All I saw was chaos, and though I liked the natural light the window offered, I sort of hated that it also reminded me of the seemingly endless work to be done.  Ugh!  One. Thing. At. A. Time.  We started in the back left "quadrant" (note: I call everything a "quadrant", which drives Brett nuts.  He questions if I know the meaning of the word.  I do.  But I still use the word very liberally, and kinda sorta just to get Brett's goat), and began trying to tame the beast.  We started small, and have slowly expanded outward.  Slowly, but surely, as if by magical powers, our yard has begun to take shape! Presto!  Cue the green lawn! And the wild blonde dog enjoying said lawn.  Poof!
Having a spot in our yard to go and SIT has been so wonderful.  Who knew the simple act of sitting in our lawn would bring me such joy?!  And add in my now-walking-daughter to the equation: pure delight. 
Along with the growth of our lawn, our vegetables have also joined the party.  We are going to have veggies coming out of our ears (or, out the "wing wong", as my sweet sister, Hanna, says.  I recently informed my 23-year old sister that it's actually "yin-yang").  It has been incredibly fun seeing all the color bursting forth in our yard, other than brown.  There's a promise of life.  Sigh.  I'm starting to get exceptionally excited about the abundance of tomatoes soon to come.  Bring it.

Being that Scout's name is Scout, it makes perfect sense in my brain that she would love being outside.  Whether or not her name has anything to do with it, there's truth in her utter enjoyment of the outdoors.  If she starts to show signs of stir-craziness, we just take her outside, and suddenly all seems okay in her world.  Having our little grassy spot to play in has been heavenly because now we can actually set her down and let her explore. 
Brett was on "Daddy Daycare" the other morning while I was working, and this is what the two of them were up to.  It melted my heart seeing Brett pulling Scouty around in her little red wagon (her "schooner" as B has recently been calling it), and erecting the crazy red play set (note B's red trunks.  I didn't get the memo) with the slide that doubles as a climbing gym.  Scout loves her daddy, and it is very apparent how much Brett loves his girl.  He loved her as a baby, of course, but now that she's actually "doing things" he's even more excited.  They're little buddies, which I absolutely love.  Scout's existence makes B's voice travel to octaves I never knew were in his range, as he repeatedly says, "Scouty DOODY" followed by an "ooooh-Hooo-HOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!) in an attempt to make her laugh, at which he always succeeds.

 I can't get enough of this sweet girl.  Obviously.  I delight in her.  Simply put. 

**Note: Brett just read my post and still questions my understanding of the word "quadrant."