Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today was spent touching up painting, and clearing everything out of the house to prepare for the floor guys tomorrow. The whole interior is painted! It looks SO good! Chip, Busha & Laura were wonderful, as usual. We got a lot done.

Brett & Chip focused on masking the Tyvek on the corner of the house. It's looking GOOD.
And once my job was done inside, I began the task of moving tree remains! It was a gorgeous day, probably in the mid-60s, so I was very willing to work outside. Laura was the paparazzi, and I was the pile mover.
See, doesn't this look F-U-N?!
I didn't get very far. I realized quickly that these long limbs were not intended to move ginormous stumps. Hand me a paintbrush instead, thank you very much.

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