Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summer's Bounty

By no means are we done, because, let's be honest: we never will deem it all complete.   We are, however, loving the slow evolution of our yard.  This has been the best year yet.  
The dahlias have, as always, been a joy, promising fresh bouquets by the day.  Our veggie and fruit yield has been...well...overwhelming.  Cucumbers and tomatoes, anyone?  I am sort of slacking, actually, in the canning/preserving department, and think it's high time to get my booty in gear. Thank goodness for tomorrows.
The mammoth sunflowers were some of our favorite early arrivals, which are now sort of sad, and incredibly weighed down.  Seriously, those things are insane in the membrane.  I'm convinced a single head weighs at least 15 pounds.

And one of our new favorite discoveries has been the "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate"annual that we started from seed this spring.  The pink clusters were such a fun surprise!

Summer is wrapping up.  In fact, as I type, the wind is howling, and rain is threatening.  I know it has been a good summer when I actually welcome the heat's departure.  Thank you, summer, for your early arrival, your hot, hot days (well, I guess I could've done with a few less of those days where the inside of our house was over 90 degrees), and the blooms that brought me much joy these past several months.

Like I said, we are nowhere near "done."  But, people, we are getting somewhere!