Thursday, June 27, 2013

TWO!  Scout and Hadley just celebrated their 2nd birthday, and were pretty happy about it.  Though they are still a bit unsure of how to answer the question, "How old are you?"  They waffle between answering, "Almost two" and "Almost two today." Hadley's got her finger counting worked out pretty well, which is something Scouty's still trying to wrap her brain around.  Scout still talks about her "Happy Birthday Party", and her favorite song at this point is "Happy Birthday."  We sing it most often to Pinkalicious these days, and second most often to baby Wy-Wy, her newest cousin, but we also manage to sing it to everyone in the family.  A lot.  Like, really. 

To say that I have a deep love for these two little peanuts is a severe understatement.  What were our lives like before they entered?  They fill our lives with immense joy...and entertainment.  While there are marked personality differences between Scout and Hads, their love and excitement for one another is the same, and incredibly heart-melting.  They are such sweet friends.

My heart continues to ache over the loss of our baby, but having my first precious baby to hold in my arms is the sweetest reward I could ask for.  I am filled with joy celebrating her beautiful and radiant life.

Life marches on... somehow.