Friday, February 19, 2010

Updates from afar...

Confession: We are in Costa Rica.


We are having a lovely time with Kacey & Alan, as well as our dear friends Adam, Deanna, Rowan & Tatum Dick. Pura vida!

While we are away, the beat goes on at our sweet little home!

Here are the pictures we have been updated with by our incredible workhands. This is our master bedroom, fully insulated.

Chipper & LoLo made it back from Hawaii and went straight to work. We are so lucky to have them! I think they had a miserable time in Hawaii and were chomping at the bit to be back working dawn 'til dusk.
See what I mean? Laura is clearly in her element!

Sheetrock, baby!

When the cat's away...

Here's our bedroom totally sheetrocked! Woot! It looks like a real room.

We decided to put cans in the walkway, so let there be some more light.

Okay, I am clearly not writing much because the beach beckons. Lo siento!