Monday, March 29, 2010

The THREE Hour Door

I will have it be known that this image is saved in my photo library as "Damn Door." And with good reason. I was busy painting the cabinets, one of my favorite past times, while Brett & Chip were hanging this door. A seemingly simple task, right? Wrong! Hour one went by...and many brush strokes. Hour two went by, along with many painted cabinets (begging for more, and more, and more coats, mind you). The third hour came accompanied by verbal frustration from CHIP! (*note that verbal frustration was not in the form of expletives as it would have been had I been the one hanging the door, but rather in the form of simply and calmly stating, "This door is a nightmare.") This means serious business if a form of frustration is evoked from the steadiest-eddy there is. The unevenness of our floors and walls were the real problem, but Brett & Chip's diligence proved to be successful. I think that my shouting from the other room to "Nail that sucker!!!" really aided in the successful hanging of this door.

There's one more door to hang, and we are all really, really hoping that we will not have a re-run. Stay tuned.

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