Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh, Saturdays...

I present to you the fruit of our labor: a clean back bedroom. Brett and I worked on the house yesterday morning until Brett had to go to work. We didn't manage to do a whole lot of construction (as if I'd really be a help in that department), but we did get the place pretty well organized and clean.

Chip showed up after we cleared the back bedroom with instructions from LoLo to snap our picture. So, here we are, all "Oregoned out."

**quick side story: I drove everything to the dump later that afternoon and had to stop by B's work to pick up the keys he had forgotten to give me, and two separate people commented on my attire. One comment was "I see Brett's got you all Oregoned out." The other was highlighting the fact that I was voluntarily wearing Carhartts. Yes, it was a good day.

Chip and Brett began some construction types of things, so I commenced organizing. I may not be able to frame a wall, but MAN, can I organize a work space!

Here are the boys working hard...tying their shoes, or surveying the ground for ants, or something like that...or maybe they're framing the french door in. You decide.

IVY. I'm a member of the "I HATE IVY" club. Too bad almost our whole yard is covered in what Oregon has labeled as a noxious weed. I don't know about you, but I hate weeds. I decided that since my organizational services were pretty tapped out in the house, I'd go make myself useful and try to start doing something about our weed situation. Brett was kind enough to catch me in the zone. Enjoy the action shots...they're solid.

BTW if you know any great ways to get rid of ivy, we are all ears! We're thinking of having a pulling-ivy party, so gear up. You know you want to join.


  1. Bus-Z weekend! Good for you guys. I personally LOVED the action shots! Keep up the good work.

    I just noticed that your new Carhart shirt totally matches the it.

  2. And what I love is that you are our only commenter:) Keep it up Kougar!!!!!

  3. Love the pics and the updates. Looks like you have accomplished so much since we last saw it! Can't wait to hang out!