Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bathroom re-do

I'm just beside myself that we get to think of not only ONE indoor bathroom, but TWO! Oh, how lucky we are. We are seriously moving up in the world. This particular bathroom is the guest bathroom. It was obviously in need of some t.l.c. (believe me when I say that the picture looks much nicer than the up-close-and-personal view). We're just the people.

Here's the before picture:

Here's what we've started. I know, I know, it looks bad. But it's gotta look bad before it can look better. It will look better!
We removed the big funky vanity, and yanked out all the linoleum (yuck!). I really wanted a claw foot bathtub, but we decided to save ourselves the trouble (and $$) and keep the existing tub. It's actually a pretty decent cast iron tub anyway. Once we get to working on this room, I'll post some updates. For now, you're stuck with the visual of an ugly little bathroom.

1 comment:

  1. I love how the whole bathroom is stripped down EXCEPT the TP! Gave me the giggles! The French doors look phenomenal!