Sunday, January 10, 2010

Farewell Encinitas

Brett and I met and dated in Portland, got engaged, moved to Encinitas, in North County San Diego, married in May 2008, and moved into a cute little place that was...very unique. It was full of potential and begged for a little attention. Unique features about our home, which we endearingly call "Princehouse," are:
  • It was a garage long ago, which has been converted into a living space in recent years.
  • The only walls within the house were around the bedroom. You may notice I did not mention the bathroom.

  • There was no toilet inside (!!!), but a bonifide outhouse about 30 feet from our front door.
  • There was no oven/stove, meaning that until we finally wired for a stove and purchased one, we were exclusively panini-ing and barbecuing.

  • The grey water drained right outside our exterior wall across the driveway, providing a nice meal for our dog (gross), which Brett thankfully remedied pretty quickly. Some things are just too gross to live with, so he jackhammered part of our driveway and buried the pipe underground.
I've listed just a few of its unique features, and those of you who were lucky enough to, stay with us, you know what I'm talking about!

We had a lot of fun making Princehouse our home. While we were very ready to leave, we will fondly remember our time there (and will admittedly block some memories). Here are some photos of the transformation we were able to give our home:

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