Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can you say "French Doors"?

Please forgive the pictures. I know they're not great. I'm going to try and be more diligent about taking in-process pictures, while maybe even including the lovely people who are making all this happen. Anyway, this is the progress we've made over the past few days:

That's right, we now have french doors in our bedroom! It wasn't quite as easy as cutting a hole in the wall for these 5-foot doors because the guys made the discovery of the termite-infested and poorly constructed wall. They ended up reframing the whole master bedroom/bath wall, and it's now ready to rock. Beyond the termite damage, the other conclusion is that whoever built this home opted not to use the highest quality lumber, and apparently were in the middle of a severe nail shortage. Crappy lumber with lack of nails does not equal sturdy home. Not anymore! Chipper & Chuck have made us a very solid and sturdy wall. Now we can go in and out of our French doors without fearing that the side of the house will crumble.

Here's the view from outside. We will be able to walk from our room onto the porch.

This is the goal today. The single door will go in the dining room, which will lead out to the patio. It's all framed and ready, so hopefully all will go smoothly.

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