Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day One

This marks the first day of new homeownership!

Our dear friends, Adam and Deanna, drove up from Eureka, CA to celebrate with us and to take part in day one of demolition! They spent the weekend with us, and were a part of the destruction of the first wall. It was really special having them be a part of this exciting adventure, and feel so blessed that they were willing to be such wild workers!

Goodbye wall! This is the wall between the kitchen and the second bedroom, endearingly referred to as "Marshall's Room." We are expanding the kitchen and creating a new dining space, but we wonder if we will ever stop referring to that space as Marshall's Room?

Voila! No more wall. Ginormous kitchen! (note: photo is taken from Marshall's Room)

This is Chip, Brett's dad, who is about as wonderful as they come. He's such a hard worker, and an integral part of this whole remodel we've begun. Look at him, no drywall is gonna stop him! He's such a B.A.

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