Sunday, January 10, 2010

The DEstruction Continues, with a touch of CONstruction

We cleared everything out of the garage to begin the conversion. Brett and Chip chalked out the lines of what will become our master bedroom, master bath, walk-in-closet, office, and little laundry room. We have our work cut out for us, I reckon!

Over Christmas Alan & Kacey came home. Al was a HUGE help! Here he is getting acquainted with Old Blue. I think they formed a nice little bond in their journey to the dump.

Here's a little evidence of Al's handy work. He was an integral part in the removal of the rotting subfloor, and the addition of the new plywood. Niiiiiiiiice!

We were doing so much destruction that we were beginning to wonder when the CONstruction would begin. Well, we're happy to announce that the framing has begun. Finally! Some CONstruction! Uncle Chuck and Chipper are framing away in the garage.

Kacey & Laura dropped by to survey the scene, and to snap some shots of the process (thanks, Lo!). If you can't tell, this shot is looking into the garage.
We have such wonderful family! The Kougar loaned out her husband for a few days and Al charged hard that he pulled his back. I'm certain the pull was a result of extreme manual labor and not from old age.

This features our new office and office window. We wished our garage door a fond farewell, and welcome this new bright addition to our home.

Uncle Chuck, who's a very integral part of this whole remodel, and Chip spearheaded this operation, and we now have a lovely office window. We're really pleased with how it's all coming together.

I can't help but notice how our "little remodel" has actually turned into an essential "gutting". Some have wondered if we're living in our home during our remodel. This picture may answer any wondering minds: no.

**this is the view from the front door through the kitchen (and Marshall's Room on the left), into the master bedroom area.

We are putting windows on each side of the fireplace, so Brett & I (more Brett than I) removed the drywall to get it ready. I'd like to add that I've quickly realized my place in the construction world: I'm a standout pile mover. Hand me a sledge, and I have fun, but the reality is I hurt more than I am productive. Brett took his whole side of the fireplace down before I got even half of mine removed. Needless to say, he took over, and I commenced pile moving.

One fun discovery we've made since the removal of the drywall is that we've got bees! lots and lots of bees have apparently made a home in the siding over the years. Oh, joy!

Not that this was ever really called into question, but I'd like to announce that Brett is truly Oregonian, and here's why:
Can you say Carhartt?????
(OK, so it's not really that all Oregonians wear Carhartts, but it's safe to say that far more do than those in Southern California.)

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