Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dun, dun, dun! The door from the dining room to the patio is in! We now are able to get to the backyard without going through the master bedroom. Not only that, but the dining room has become wonderfully bright as a result (well, the massive 8' window didn't hurt either). We love it!

Here's Chippy working away, making some cuts to get the rest of the bathroom framed.

Uncle Chuck is a happy camper framing in the bathroom door. They finished the bathroom framing today.

Laura is the QUEEN of lunch. She's a very integral pat of this remodel because she keeps the troops very well fed. And she knows how to provide some seriously de-lish lunch.

Chippy is reaping the benefits

...and looking good!

Here she is, surveying the scene: The General

Our dear Busha is so incredible. She comes over every day to see how she can help. She has the energy that outlasts the Energizer Bunny, and truly enjoys dump runs and trips to any lumber/hardware store. We are truly lucky to have her help!!

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