Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Move

Big news: We emptied everything out of our storage unit.
Bigger news: We moved everything from our storage unit into our home!!!!

Alan, Kacey, Busha, Brett & I moved everything out of our storage unit in two trips, in about an hour. They were a huge help! Teamwork makes the dream work. Finally...4 1/2 months after our arrival in Ashland, our stuff is in its new home. What a great feeling.

It was like getting married all over again, in that it seemed like we were inundated with fabulous wedding gifts! It was such fun rediscovering our dishes and kitchen goodies. I savored the emptying of the Fiestaware box, as I gently placed all our fun vintage pieces on the shelves. Color!!! (Note: Brett does not quite get the whole Fiestaware infatuation, but is being a very good sport about it. He does not understand why we would keep dishes like that solely to look at, or use on a very rare occasion. I understand where he's coming from, BUT do you see those colors?!? That's the "don't use" section, but next to the kitchen sink is a whole other array of wonderful colors that can be used every day. More color!!)

This is a sneak peak into the room that's been exploded in. We managed to get through all of our boxes, mind you. Now it's just a matter of finding a home for all the things in said boxes. What fun!!
We have lots and lots to do in the way of organization, but the point is that we have moved our things in!! Notice that I did not say that we have moved in, however, because we (mainly I) are not moving in until we have hot water. We are awaiting our final approval from the city, which will hopefully happen this week. Fingers crossed!!!

Oh, yeah. I wanted to include the lovely tree we have had the pleasure of watching bloom this spring. Our yard is a disaster zone and gives me a headache just looking at it, but this apple tree on the other hand, makes me so happy! I will be even happier if it produces fruit. Don't mind the ladder, or the explosion of brush and dirt...but check out those beautiful pink/white blossoms! Spring has sprung in Southern Oregon.


  1. Oh, my! The house looks simply amazing!! When are you taking house guests?! Congrats to you both. I am so impressed, and so excited for you.

  2. Thanks, Lesley! Your room will be ready for you by the summer. Come on up!!

  3. Your house is looking amazing!! I adore the vintage fiesta in your cupboard! I have a few pieces of it and I keep it in a safe place so the kids won't break it. :)