Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Weekend: Part Deux

Sunday served as a continuation of much progress made. Chuck and Brett led the charge. It was a huge help having Chuck yesterday. He and Brett were able to crank out a lot of stuff. Unfortunately I was busy putzing around making messes, so I didn't capture as much on camera as I probably should have. Brett & Chuck completed the siding, wired and hung the exterior lights, finished the interior electrical panel, among other things. We crossed off several more items from our "to do list".

Don't be fooled by this photo, because though it appears that Busha is sitting down on the job, it is a rare moment that she's just hanging out. It was too cute a shot to pass up--Busha just poking her head in through the window, surveying the scene. I assure you that she quickly got back to whatever cleaning she was surely doing.
I replaced a big section of brick on our patio yesterday. It's pretty fun reclaiming our patio from the crazed construction zone. Soon enough we'll be lounging out there on furniture, sipping some cold bevies...staring at our unending piles of brush that need to be chipped and hauled out. But the point is that soon we'll be sitting on our patio! Like, sitting. On furniture.

Anyway, Busha was helping to fill in the gaps of my ill-placed bricks. Teamwork makes the dream work, you know? (Please take note of the newly hung patio lights, thanks to Brett and Chuck! Also, any of you electric-loving people may like to take note of our freshly installed and wired bubble boxes. Ooooh! I just learned what a bubble box is, and wow, is that cool.)

While Brett & Chuck were being oh-so-productive, I was doing what I do best: making mud pies. One may think that fresh paint should be maintained, preserving the cleanness of the finish. Au contraire! As though pink paint doesn't look bad enough, I want you to imagine old nasty pink paint covering the majority of the house, mixed with sparkling new pink paint on one side and along the bottom row of siding in the front. Not pretty. Not pretty at all. That's where I came in, quickly remedying that!

It's as good as...old! Oh, how beautiful! I assure you there IS a method to my madness.

Another notable thing as a result of yesterday is that we have our first pieces of FURNITURE. Inside! Here's evidence. My sweet husband, kicking back in his long johns, wool socks, and green vans. He most certainly is a fashion statement. But beyond his apparel, please take note of what he is kicking back on.
Elation fills me as I sit atop our new-to-us red striped couch. Oh my! This is just the beginning. It's the smallest things that bring such joy, I tell you.

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