Monday, May 3, 2010

MovED--past tense

OK, peoples. The time has come. Not only have our things moved in, but WE have moved in. Can I get an "Amen"?!? We bid our former roommates (Chip, Laura, Kacey & Alan) adieu, and made the grueling 4 mile trek down Siskiyou Blvd. to our new little home. It feels SO GOOD to be reaping what we've sown. Oh my!

We passed our inspection (it only took 4 times), and have been approved for gas, and consequently hot water! Our appliances work, we have hot water, and an indoor toilet. That's all we need. Heat will be a beautiful thing, too, but surprisingly not a prereq for us. We just hope that Winter gets the memo that it's no longer welcome. Snow and hail are not welcomed visitors any longer. Now, the giant yellow ball in the sky, on the other hand...

For having zero pieces of furniture upon our arrival in Ashland, I'd say we've done quite well for ourselves. Thanks to Busha, Chip & Laura, Mom, and Craigslist!

You may notice I'm showing only the main part of the house, sans office and master suite. With good reason: they're not finished! We will be residing in the 900 square feet wing, until we complete the aforementioned rooms. We are just so excited to be living in our home that we're not too concerned about the rest. It'll get done, mark my words, but we are more willing to take that slowly. June?


  1. yayyyy! Congrats you two. It looks amazing. I love the decorating. Will you come do my house now?

  2. We will sign the guest book on Wednesday!