Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Brett and I decided to add a fun element to our hall and office flooring by painting black checks. It was a slightly tedious project, simply marking, then taping, then painting. I was torn on whether to go tonal with the checks, or high contrast. In the end I decided that I've always really loved the classic vintage look of black and white flooring, so why not just go for it? The checks are most definitely not perfect, but luckily neither of us are perfectionists. We intended to get a homespun look, and it's safe to say we were successful. This was totally experimental because we have no idea how the paint will hold up. Is it a bad sign that we are able to use our fingernails to scratch paint off? Hmm...yet again we were reminded why it would have been a good idea to prime the squares first. Oh, well! C'est la vie!

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