Thursday, May 23, 2013

5th Anniversary

Brett and I celebrated our 5th anniversary last weekend.  It was our second celebration done totally and completely right...stuffing our faces for an entire weekend.  I'm not sure we can go any other way now that we have tasted the forbidden fruit.  And DANG does it taste gee-double-oh-dee!  Last year we gallivanted about the City of Roses, where it all began.  This year we decided to try San Francisco on for size.  We left Scout with Nana and Papa on Thursday, drove to SF, and stayed there for three whole nights.  It was pretty fabulous.  Yes, we did miss Scout, and we did talk about her, but it was so fun being together, just the two of us.  We stayed out past 7 pm (gasp!), and we didn't worry about getting back for nap time, though there were certainly times when I could've really gone for a nap.  Eating

We dropped our car off on Thursday, upon our arrival, and didn't drive it again until we left on Sunday morning.  We had such a lovely time aimlessly wandering about the city by foot.  We are no strangers to walking, and walking, and walking, as we did all the time while we lived in Portland.  I discovered pretty quickly that my feet are no longer accustomed to this.  Gone are the days of cruising around for miles and miles in my Chucks.  Long gone.  But it took a day to remember this.  Day one I was in my normal mint green boat shoes.  Day two, which was our actual anniversary, in an attempt to salvage my pinky toes, I definitely looked like Jerry Seinfeld by rocking my skinnies and tennis shoes.  H-O-T.  Comfort over cuteness is my newfound motto.  Perhaps it is a nod to my thirties?  Not sure. 

We spent a lot of time biking, too, once we got over our intimidation of the big city thing.  We are totally used to urban biking, Portland-style.  But SF is a step up from that, especially with the addition of all the blasted hills.  BUT we got the vote of confidence from our friends who live there full-time (pictured below), and decided to give it a go.  That was totally the way to do it.  We went joyriding along the Wiggle, through Golden Gate Park, along the Presidio to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, made special trips to Bi-Rite Creamery--twice--and to Tartine--four times (shhhh), and, and, and.  We left each morning by 8 am, and didn't return until at least 10 pm.  It ruled.

Everywhere we ate was really good.  Standouts are Bi-Rite and Tartine (dessert/pastry places listed first, naturally) and Pizzeria Delfina (holy-housemade-sausage-amazingness).  

We ate at Mama's, which is a breakfast place that has a crazy-a$$ line, especially on weekends.  Yes, we were there on a Saturday.  With everyone and their mother...or their mama.  We had nothing but time on our hands, though, so we didn't mind waiting almost an hour (uh, yeah, we were there 30 min before it opened!!  Notice the line behind B.  There were at least 20 people ahead of us).  It was delicious.  I don't know that I'd wait an hour again, but it was good.  

I wished we hadn't gorged ourselves so hardcore at Mama's upon our arrival at the Farmer's Market, however.  The food there looked insane in the membrane.  Brett and I both found ourselves staring at plates of food that passed with our mouths open.  Even though we had JUST eaten like 5,000 calories worth of hollandaise sauce and Italian meats.  We did not--could not--eat anything else, but we wished we could have.  Next time.

We had a surprise meet-up with our dear friends Sam and Sharon, which was, as always, wonderful.

  We took a final selfie, which sort of documents the amazing sunny weather we had the whole time.

We got into a semi-heated argument (it's not all rainbows and butterflies, people), AND ended our trip on a lovely note.  What a wonderful, challenging, joyous, hilarious, profoundly beautiful five years it has been.   Thanks, San Francisco, for celebrating with us, and for treating us well.  We may not be fat, but we are happy.

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