Wednesday, March 27, 2013


"Grace makes beauty out of ugly things"

Our family said goodbye to our sweet baby Grace on Friday.  Perhaps it's super hippy of us, but keeping in mind that Brett has some Santa Cruz in his heart, and I've got some Humboldt in mine we felt it only right to plant a tree in Gracie's honor.  We planted a Red Locust, which promises to create the most beautiful red and pink wisteria-like flowers.  It is planted proudly in our front yard, for us to see, whether coming or going, or doing dishes, or sitting in our living room.  Hippy or not, It is a sweet reminder of our baby girl, and a promise of beauty to behold.

Each night before bed, Scouty goes to the window and says, "Nigh-nigh Gace."

Night-night, sweet Gracie.

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