Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Laurie captured this sweet picture, and sent it to me as a gift.  I love it so.
My first Mother's Day!  It was certainly a foreign experience being the celebrated, as opposed to exclusively the celebrator.  I found myself delighting in the mere fact that I AM a mom.  I love this new role, as it is the most fitting and natural role I've ever known. 
How grateful I am for all the wonderful moms that I am blessed to claim as mine.  I have such beautiful examples of motherhood, at which I truly marvel.

We had Chip & Laura, Busha, Kacey, Al & Hadley over for dinner.  We set the girls up on a blanket, and plopped a bowl of watermelon slices in front of them.  They LOVED it.
My favorite moment was when Scout decided that sitting up was requiring too much energy, and figured that she may as well get comfortable...while still eating her melon slices, mind you! (Please note that she is wearing only her diaper...and shoes.  It's such a rock solid look.)
 Brett couldn't be any prouder of his watermelon-loving girl.
 Papa sure loves his girls.  The feeling is mutual.
Busha was kind enough to share some of her apple pie, though Old Eagle Eye Dad was really raining on the parade by reprimanding Busha for the bites that included ice cream.
Scouty was loving her Nana time, as she always does.

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