Friday, April 20, 2012

The Roof: Day 1

 Sorry, there was no warning.  This is the first picture because, well, this is the very first thing that happened.  Within about two minutes of setting out to work on the roof, the ladder fell as Al was at the top rung (not operator error, mind you.  Al is very comfortable on a ladder), and he fell with it, landing on top of the ladder, on which he hit his head.  He ultimately went to the ER, got 8 staples in his head...and CAME BACK TO WORK.  Can you say B.A.?!  Alan got MVP and Most Improved.  He stayed until the bitter end.

Once we got that all sorted out, the roofing project really set sail.  We had several guys come out and help who were total champs.  Many hands make light work.  Seriously, it was so huge having such willing friends!!  Annnnd our weather was very cooperative.  It was perfectly warm and beautiful out all day long.  Heaven.

 Auntie Kacey was the woooo-man and watched both Scout and Hadley today.  She's basically the shiz!  She looks pretty good with two babes on her hips, don't you think?  Maybe next round she can have twins, being that she's got the double duty so dialed in:)
 Here's the morning wrecking crew.  Are they a motley crew, or what?
 Kougs brought the girls by to sit in the sun and take in all the action.  Poor Hads got sunscreen in her eyes, and Scouty was having a hard time seeing her mom but not being able to be all up in her bidness.  So, their time was cut short.  But it sure was nice to see them for a bit!
 We were so pleased by how quickly the shingles came off.  After about 9 hours of hard work, it was all done, ready for a game of rooftop bowling.  Big Ry and Dave were kind enough to be a part of the afternoon crew, and were a huge help.  And, like I said, Alan was there till the bitter end.  MVP!

Brett was very encouraged to discover that, while there are definitely sections of boards that need to be replaced, like the picture shows below, the roof is actually in pretty decent shape.  Tomorrow begins the repairs, and hopefully the installation of the fascia boards.  Perhaps, if we're lucky, even the felt will go down.  We shall see!


  1. Yeeowza! Give a girl some warning! Was the Wizard holding the ladder, or what?! I'd say that Al has earned himself a Longneck 'Rita...or two. Lookin' good, peeps, lookin' reeeeeal good!

  2. I can't even stare at the first image for a minute! It's very important to have safety measures in place. Always see to it that the ladder is firmly on the ground. Plus, tie the rope for something to hold on. Lastly, make sure to wear protective clothing; non-slippery shoes, gloves, and a helmet.

  3. OMG! That is painful to even look at! I can’t help but cringe at the sight of Alan’s head stapled O.o I can’t believe he still worked back on the roof immediately after that! I think you guys should have insisted that he skips the day. But since that’s done, I really am amazed by Alan’s dedication to help fix the roof. Seems like all his effort resulted well by the end of the day because you guys were able to accomplish a lot of things.

    Sol Hendricks