Saturday, February 4, 2012

It is Finished!

It is with great satisfaction and much excitement that I present the last big inside project (until we demo the whole darn house and start over again, just for fun).  Brett finished the cabinets and drawers to our built-ins!  Yippeeeeeee! This little room has come a long way.  What once was a room that we hardly spent any time in has become our most favorite spot to cozy up.  It has gone from cold and blah to warm and totally inviting.  Getting rid of our painted brick and replacing it with recycled, natural brick was a step in the right direction.  We love all the imperfections, plus it sort of mans the room up a bit for Brett.  Nixing the fireplace and replacing it with a free-standing wood stove has been awesome.
We have absolutely loved how warm it has made our home.   I'm in my element with the fire cranking; meanwhile, Brett sweats to death.

Come on over.  Scout will share her coveted sheepskin spot on the floor in front of the fire.  If you're lucky, she'll even let you play with Bert & Ernie...maybe.
Original (little did we know that hundreds of thousands of bees lurked behind that unsuspecting brick facade)--ick.

Stage 1 (bee breeding ground still in tact)--cluttered much? Yes.

Stage 2 (bees no longer welcome)--getting better, but the bookshelves are messy and incomplete.

Finished Product (bees have gotten the message that they will get punched in the face if they return)--much, much better.  The cabinet doors and drawers clean up the space considerably.

Kick-ass wood burning stove

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