Saturday, February 4, 2012

80% of the Work

At the start of this project...umm, in SEPTEMBER...Brett informed me that he could "knock out the shed in a weekend."  Here we are many, many (did I say "many"?) weekends later, and the shed still isn't quite "knocked out."   It is, however, a place in which we can store all Brett's tools and gadgets (I even managed to sneak a couple things in there).  Brett admits that the saying of "80% of the work takes 20% of the time" is very, very true.  Here is 80% of the work.  When the next 20% will be finished, we are unsure.  At some point it will be properly roofed, and the siding will be completed.  We like the look of the reclaimed fence boards, so this is how it shall stay.  Perhaps we will paint the trim, but time will tell.

Being that Brett is a very, very proud resident of the State of Jefferson, I made him a sign for Christmas.  This may not be the sign's permanent home, but for now it is proudly displayed on the exterior of Brett's domain.

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