Monday, July 19, 2010


We have a bona fide closet!!!! This is exceptionally exciting. No joke. This is our very first legit closet since being married. Amazing, it is, being able to gently hang so many clothes and having shelving on which to put our neatly folded clothes. It's a wonderful thing not having to use all our body weight to shift our bursting-at-the-seams hanging rod just to squeeze a single hanger in the mix, thus creating an even more wrinkled item of clothing. And how wonderful having more than three shelves to share and CRAM our balled up mess of clothes onto. We have ample storage, and are on our way to a more organized existence. BIG SIGH. Thanks Chippy and Brett!!

Amidst serious summer-time activities this weekend (have I mentioned how I love Ashland?!?), B managed to get going on tiling the vanity in our bathroom (can I get an Amen?!). Chip came over and helped, and got the top cranked out within an afternoon. We just have to grout and install the sink (today!), and the vanity will be pretty well good to go!

Here the boy is, surveying his work. Job well done!!

Further proof that we've been enjoying sum-sum-summer. On Saturday we went for a lovely hike to the top of Mt. Ashland with the Wizard, and enjoyed our sammies at the summit. It was wonderful. The place we call home is kinda...ummm...BEAUTIFUL.


  1. I have some serious closet envy...and that tile, wowie!! Great work guys! Love it all!

  2. Oh, thanks, April!! It's definitely exciting:) I trust your home is coming along well??