Sunday, July 25, 2010

Project: Excavate: Day 2

We fired our excavator and hired a new guy.

Well, maybe not, but Brett sure did like sitting in the big boy tractor (well, I guess it's technically not a tractor, but for blogging purposes, let's just call it that). Joe is the B.A. excavator we've been using, and he became significantly more B.A. in my books when he showed up Friday with one freaking leg and crutches. So, the day prior he was wearing his prosthetic leg, which I thought was just a sore leg causing a limp. But Friday one of his entire pant legs was completely flapping in the wind, and he was getting around--up and down from his machinery, mind you--with his crutches. He was crutching himself up and down the bank, making dump run upon dump run. Dang.

I know it's hard to tell really what's going on here, because it's hard to get oriented. Plus it looks like we've still got an abundance of crap to clear. We do, there's no denying; however, we've come a LONG way, baby.

This is standing about 20 feet in front of our patio, looking toward the back corner of our lot. The red shed marks the corner of our neighbor's lot.

This is taken from the same spot, only facing the back right corner. We fell another tree, and cleared all the ivy from the bank. We also got rid of a thicket of lilac, bamboo and privet, so that we have more of an open space to work with.

This is standing toward the bottom of our lot (toward our neighbors) facing toward the upper right corner shown above.

There's obviously more work to be done yet, but it's been fun to see the progress. To be continued Monday...

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