Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Steps

We are making baby steps toward completion, peoples. We finally turned our tool room into our bedroom, quite literally (little else fits :). Getting carpet in our room has made it feel like we are 1000x closer to being done! We even slept in our room last night for the first time. Brett made the assessment that that was probably the first time anyone had ever slept in the garage. Yup. Such trailblazers!

We've been taking baby steps with the bathroom, too. The floor is complete (thanks to chippy), the trim is up and painted, the light fixture hung, the (SECOND) toilet is set, the vanity base is in place, the shower is totally ready to be tiled (thanks to adam and brett), the tile is purchased, the counter design is established. we are getting there!

Here's our office, pretty well dialed. We have some little things to do yet, but it's finally fairly organized and workable! Brett built our wonderful desks, enabling us to retire our doors-on-sawhorses, and put up all the shelving recently. Since I spend much of my time in here, I finally feel like I can breathe. Sigh...


  1. I actually liked the retro-industrial doors on sawhorses. But I guess the ikea-mod also works. Great work.

  2. what the heck - this is YOUR OFFICE!? This is magazine worthy!!! I am inspired looking at it. Please make me a little spot to work in while I'm up there...yes, i said WORK. Work it girl.