Monday, June 7, 2010

The Clampets of Park

Remember when I posted about the trees we had fallen? This is what our backyard looked like...and has looked like for the past 3 months. Every time I looked out the window I got a headache thinking about all the work that was required.

Be sure to take note of Brett. He is in these two photos to bring this situation more to scale. About half of our yard became engulfed by the massive Siberian Elm remains.

Fast-forward to Saturday morning. We hired two guys to help us tackle the tree situation. I thought, for sure, it would take the entire Saturday to clear the yard. Much to our elation, we started working at 9:30 am, and 4 1/2 hours later we were basically done. It was incredible!

Note: we had to individually drag each limb, each wheelbarrow load around the side of our house within a 31" area, which happens to be our only viable access to the yard. Hence the difficulty.

Here we go, our almost-cleared backyard!

We forgot how big our yard is! We are now able to see the back fence, and the far corners. Oh, yeah, and we're still able to see all the ivy.

Brett continued working hard on the demolition and removal of the (what once was a) fort after the guys had left. So our yard is even more cleared than these photos show.

What once served as a major headache is now over and done with. The job we were dreading the most is behind us. We are able to breathe a bit deeper now.

The neighbors, on the other hand...

This is what they have to look at until we figure out how we're going to get all the remains chipped.

We absolutely are the Clampets of Park Street.

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